Day 1 of Whole30~~Success, Headache, and Three Eggs!

Shew.  It’s been a good Day 1.  I held tight to the rules; I made good choices.


As prep, I did a Day Zero yesterday to get ready and noticed that the exact same breakfast as today but with one less egg (2 instead of today’s 3) left me feeling very hungry.  So today I added a third egg.  Which would make me gasp in horror as a sign of portions waaaaaay out of control except for I obsessively read the forum at Whole30 yesterday and saw mentioned several times that you should eat as many eggs as you can hold in one hand.  So there.  Which reminds me I need to go search WHY that is, but in any case, the additional egg kept me full and my mind off of food completely until about six hours later for lunch.  I felt very “even” as in not draggy or yawning.

Also on the subject of portions, I decided after the three egg meal went so well that while I know portion control may be in the next Whole30, in this one I am going to refrain from thinking that way just like we are supposed to refrain from using the scale.

Headache for most of the day so after lunch I took Advil to send it packing.

It’s part of my first Whole 30 goals to not eat while reading/working as in at desk or watching T.V.  at all.  I feel like those habits are part of the emotional or mindless eating that so easily happens.  Today I did achieve that (woot!), my eating was done at the table and I didn’t watch T.V. with or without food.

Lessons learned today:  Gotta prepare more, even a few days at a time is fine.  Already nervous about tomorrow because I did not replenish my supply of baked sweet potatoes.  Also need to get more water down.


  • Kale Smoothie (1 cup coconut water, 1/4 avocado, 2 cups kale, 1 cup pineapple, juice of half a lime, 1/2 teaspoon spirulina, 1 tablespoon gelatin)
  • 3 eggs cooked in coconut oil
  • raw (and local!) sauerkraut
  • 1 sweet potato with organic ceylon cinnamon sprinkled on it
  • 1 clove of garlic (cut up and swallowed with water as supplement)
  • 1 probiotic pill
  •  med 1 DSCF4157 (1024x728) DSCF4166 (1024x768)


  • grass fed beef hamburger (one and a half patties)
  • bunch of cucumbers
  • sweet potatoe w/coconut oil and cinnamon
  • drank glass of water with 3 teaspoons Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar in it while lunch was cooking

Cup of Black Coffee After Lunch



  • grass fed beef hamburger (one and a half patties)
  • bunch of cucumbers

DSCF4175 (1024x768)


5 thoughts on “Day 1 of Whole30~~Success, Headache, and Three Eggs!

  1. !!! What a fabulous idea to take raw garlic as a supplement! (I found you on the Whole 9 “Bloggers” thread. 🙂 ) I’ve always read that raw garlic is SOOOOOO good for us but I could never figure out how to choke it down. DAYUM that’s a great idea! 🙂 Thank you! Congrats on starting your Whole 30 and your blog. 🙂

    • Hey there! Congrats to you as well!

      Yep, I got really lucky and ran across the garlic info a couple weeks ago. If you google Dr.Weil and garlic it comes right up. Easy to take raw but you are supposed to cut it up and let it sit ten minutes or so as the potent part develops when air hits it (kind of like an apple turning brown when exposed to oxygen.) I was also surprised to learn how POTENT garlic is so be sure to read thoroughly if you have any health issues.

  2. We started on the same day so I’ll be tracking you! We are both in the June 10 support forum (where I found your link). Day 2 is moving along, but I agree that planning is tough. I’m traveling Th-Sat so I’m a little nervous about it.

    Good luck today!


    • Hey Niki- I’m glad we’re in this together,and with so many others, too. I really liek the support forum also. Good luck today. I hope your travel is to a place with lots of options? Stay strong- you’ve got this! 🙂

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