Here Fishy Fishy

Short and sweet tonight for time reasons.

First:  Fermented Cod Liver Oil is my new research project.  Is this stuff really worth it?  Some of my most trusted sources give it an enthusiastic thumbs up.  I’m looking into it and will post here in case anyone reading this (oh right, does anyone read this but me?) is interested also.

Yes, made it through Day 4!  Meal photos posted.  I know, I know, more variety must be practiced.

Only news for me is I have only one very minor headache but not at all the constant throbbing head all day and night like the last few days.  I am so hoping that’s over!

breakfast (2) Lunch (1) Dinner


3 thoughts on “Here Fishy Fishy

  1. Hey! How did the rest of your Whole30 go? I hope it was the blogging bandwagon you fell off, not the whole foods one! I’ve also mentioned the ‘no smoothie’ thing on my blog in regards to my green smoothies if you wanted to take a read. I hope you’re on your way to the finish line!

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