Day 28!

Day 28.  Almost done with my first Whole30, but what’s really on my mind is that I must learn to make compliant Caesar salad dressing which involves learning to make the infamous Olive Oil Mayo.  First world problem for sure.

So about that Fermented Cod Liver Oil, link below is the best summary I can find that involves two people I enjoy following, Diane Sanfilippo and Chris Kresser.  (Diane Sanfilippo is the author of Practical Paleo, my first Paleo book/guide–highly recommend if you haven’t read already!)

But back to the FCLO.  Here’s what Diane thinks:

What Practical Paleo author thinks of FCLO

If you read that, you’ll see that she is saying forget the fish oil, go for FCLO.  I am not quite ready to do that because I have a history with, and loyalty to,  fish oil.  Not for myself but for my middle child.

Long story short: Kid #2 was struggling  (huge understatement) in school  and, not wanting him to take medication, I sought out alternatives.  Enter wonderful book titled ADHD Without Drugs, a total game changer for my son and really our entire family as when one is down we all are down aren’t we?

How is this possibly on topic?  The author recommends quality fish oil as an If You Do Nothing Else Do This sort of thing.  After trying cheap oils and seeing no improvement, I switched him to Nordic Naturals Omega 3’s.  Not Ultra, not 3-6-9.  Just plain old Omega 3’s.  You cannot imagine the difference after a few months.  Among many other anti-inflammatory benefits, my very simpleton understanding is the Omegas basically need to saturate the part of the brain that allows us to focus.  And that takes time, but after a few months, Kid #2 was a different child.  A happier and healthier child.   His focus and ability to complete math problems and reading comprehension worksheets was just remarkable.  He was able to control himself and get along better with his siblings, and I could truly go on and on.

At $37 a bottle, I have refrained from taking the same because I prefer he have it.  Until now, with my decision to change, I started taking it also.  Because let’s face it– I’ve got some serious healing to do.  So while FCLO sounds like a winner, I will at least be finishing what we have here already.

One of goals for my second Whole30, which commences two days from now, is to learn to eat salmon (canned as fresh regularly is cost prohibitive).  This is a great way to obtain Omega 3’s so if anyone actually sees this and has suggestions on Salmon Eating 101 I am all ears!

See you on Day 30!


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