This past month I’ve tried to learn what “basic” supplements are necessary, helpful, or both, as I continue healing my body and mind.   It is incredibly difficult to find sources that are not trying to sell me something and I have no background in medicine or science…in fact I’m sad to say my eyes glaze over if a situation gets too science-y.  But eventually you have to go with sources you at least somewhat trust and make a dang decision.  And make a dang decision is what I’ve done.  Magnesium here I come.

A few of the more easy to understand (yes, please!) sources that played into my decision to go ahead with magnesium:

Dr. Dean’s “uncensored natural health blog”

Wellness Mama’s summary:

A thread from the Mark’s Daily Apple forum (you might need to log in to see this, not sure.)

Order just placed for:

A book:  Dr. Carolyn Dean’s Miracle of Magnesium, (which I saw not only mentioned but referred to as a life-changing book in many places)

A bottle of magnesium oil to apply daily,

And another bottle Magnesium Glycinate capsules.

This brings my “not food” supplement regimen to: 

Zinc (one a day in the morning, I like Megafood brand)

Nordic Naturals Omega 3’s (fish oil capsules) – one or two with each meal.

Tumeric (organic.  after meals one and three)

Great Lakes Gelatin in my green smoothie or in plain water which I swear makes my skin way more better and is allegedly gut-healing too

Spirulina- disgusting green powder that I add to my green drink also.  Not completely sold on continuing this but my green smoothie feels so anti-inflammatory I hate to change anything.  So we’ll see.



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