About Me–Long Version

I know, I know– longest About Me page ever.  This is a blog about my personal decision to heal so this space-hogging list should stay, sorry!

What Needs Healing:

  • Brain Fog Galore: I swear there is not only such a thing as a brain fog but that I have a super-thick and gnarly one just circling my brain, round and round.  How do I know this?  I don’t think, write, or feel as well as I used to and that’s NOT okay.      
  • Confidence/Ability to Unapologetically Shine:  It’s at a zero and everyone deserves to feel better than zero so this must get fixed too.
  • Digestive Problems:  I believe this to be true because I do not have regular bowel movements and consume too much sugar to probably have a healthy digestive system anyway.  I have learned how vital a healthy digestive tract is over the last few months and know that if I can improve this many problems on this list will also be improved.      
  • Emotional Eater:  I’m not an expert on this by any means and will be learning a lot in the coming days but I do think I am probably an Emotional Eater and have been using food as a crutch for a while now.
  • I really AM getting sleepier:   Far more tired than a 34 year old with no chronic illnesses should be, period.  Children, yes there are three.  Not so pleasant ex-spouse, yes there is one.  And guess what, neither of those things has anything to do with this.  This is about food plain and simple.
  • Itchy Scratchy  A weird itchiness sort of all over, not awful but it’s there and noticeable daily.
  • Mental Health:  Sure I function but I feel like emotional crap and I just know I can feel better, think clearer, be overall happier and contribute more, hide less.
  • Obese:  I have somewhere around 90 pounds to lose.  And it’s swimsuit season.
  • Skin Issues include mild acne, flaky skin (much more annoying than it sounds trust me), and rosacea.  I have managed to stop cystic acne for the most part through holistic changes, more about that later.
  • Some weird toenail flaky stuff:  I think this could be a sort of fungus or yeast overgrowth.  Whatever it is, it needs to go.
  • Sugar Addiction:  A BIG downfall for me.  I’ve learned enough about processed foods (more on that later) the last couple of years that I do not indulge in sweets made by anyone other than me or a local mom and pop type bakery.  That’s better than chemical laden candy bars, cookies, etc. but it’s still not good.   I not only think about what to bake next but I do bake a couple of times weekly for my family.  I also let us have a better version of, for example, ice cream.  Think non-dairy coconut based ice cream instead of HFCS laden major brand.  Yes, a better choice by miles but a major problem had daily or nearly daily which is what I’ve been doing.


Yesterday (Sunday, June 9, 2013 to be exact) I was hurting and down and just so damn mad at myself for letting all of the above happen.  Today, a mere day later, none of these problems are resolved but I find myself feeling strong, persistent and on my way.  You’re probably thinking I have extreme mood swings, right?  No, I promise, it’s not that.

The game-changer for me was stumbling across the Whole 30 yesterday.  (and lest you think this is some sales blog—it’s absolutely not—please know I am not in any way, shape, or form affiliated with their site nor is there any fee, profit, benefit, etc. for me linking to them and telling you what I’m about to tell you.)  I’m letting you know about their program because I am enormously grateful and I think we should give credit where it’s due.  And I do encourage you to go check it out when you can—but for YOUR benefit not mine.

You can check out their website and/or book to learn more but suffice it to say their 30 day reset speaks to me and today, June 10, is my Day 1 of my first of likely many Whole30’s.

This blog is ultimately a place for me to heal and info-share with like-minded others.   If anything here helps you in even the slightest itty-bittiest-teensy-tiniest way, well hey, that is just TOO cool.

Very Sincerely,


P.S.  Is it pure-evil-super-awful that I’m sort of hoping that someone will not only read this but have the SAME problem(s) and stick around and share what THEY are learning/doing/etc./ too?  Evil or not, here’s hoping for like-minded readers or already healed persons to teach the rest of us!


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