About Me- Short Version with Starting Photos

I’m a 34 year old woman, mother, daughter, worker, friend who has some healing to do!  Since I quit smoking two years ago I have  piled on unhealthy weight and developed other bad habits like eating the wrong things,  frequently.   It wasn’t just the quitting smoking though- I’ve struggled with food and eating issues for most of my life really.

I was thrilled to find the Whole30 program and am diving right in, see About Me–Long Version for more detail.

I have avoided mirrors AND photos for as long as I can remember so the below photos and me posting at all is part of My Whole Decision to heal.  Please be kind– these aren’t Glamour Shots they are Reality and Ready to Heal Shots.

This blog is ultimately a place for me to heal and info-share with like-minded others.   If anything here helps you in even the slightest itty-bittiest-teensy-tiniest way, well hey, that is just TOO cool.

Very Sincerely,


DSCF4155 DSCF4156


2 thoughts on “About Me- Short Version with Starting Photos

  1. I have thought about taking these photos down every single day as they are hard for me to look at but I want to be honest with myself and anyone who lays eyes on this blog. I wish I had the guts to put up full face pics but I really don’t!

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